Baby C. jacksonii jacksonii


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I came home from work today to find 14 baby C. j. j.'s running around with their mother. These are the yellow striped form, often called "willegensis." Here they are, 10 hours old.




Edit: Oh yeah....Hi, I'm new here. Nice site, I'll definately be checking back often.
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Congrats! Hope they do well for you!

They are not the easiest babies to raise. Is the female WC and recently imported?

Yes, these are from the group imported a couple months ago. I've heard they're not easy but I've got my fingers crossed. Both pairs of the jackson's and hoehnelli that I got from this Kenya shipment have been doing great and are supposedly CB or FR. Anyone here know the history/source of this shipment?
Chris Anderson would be the one to contact. Look him up in the member database.

As far as the Shefflera clippings I'd suggest picking up some flower cutting endcaps. They go on the bottom of flowerstems in bouquets, a little plastic reservoir of water with a rubber cap that the stem pokes into to creat a seal. This will keep those cuttings healthy for longer and possibly root them thought shefflera has always provved difficult for me to do that.

Good luck. The UV lamps will be enough to provide heat more than likely.
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