Baby bin questions


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Ok. So I've been searching all over the forums for the right way to set up a baby cage/bin for our first baby Falys of the year and haven't found much that will work for our situation. I have 2 55qt clear tubs that I drilled 30 1/16inch holes in both ends of for ventilation and also added fake vines inside of. I have a 24" repti glo 5.0 3" from the top.

My issue is this last winter we moved and now my chameleon enclosures are in the dining room where it keeps fairly cool (around 70°). Unfortunately after 10am its getting up over 85° The baby bin I have set up is great when it comes to humidity but staying around 69-70° even during the day even with having a 75watt natural day light bulb placed a few inches from the top. The basking area is 78-80° but the rest of the bin stays very cool for some reason.

Never had this issue before as all my Reptiles used to be in a climate controlled room.

Any suggestions would be helpful.
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