Babies v. Stick Insects

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by jpowell86, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Im amazed they know where to aim, its not like there is much difference between head/tail/leg.
  3. jpowell86

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    Me too!!!!!
  4. jpowell86

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    Good point!!
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    Great shots!
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    Omg Joel the video contest is over
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    This is great!!! Thanks for sharing!
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  8. leedragon

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    gaaahhh I need to have a cristatus D:
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  9. poison

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    Hi, I have some questions if you don't mind. Stick insects seem like a very interesting source of food and cool at the same time. Do you breed them what does it take to do so? Do they reproduce fast? Ty.
  10. opheliaeatsbugs

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    I was thinking the same thing! Ugh! haha :) love them - they are adorable. And the chams aren't so bad either :p
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  11. Twitchet

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    Super cute babies Joel, love their stripes throats and the dorsal crests already.
    Cristatus love! :love:
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  12. Andee

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    Depends on the species you have as far as what it takes to breed them etc... I breed vietnamese stick insects and they are one of the easiest I have dealt with by far. But I have done some of the giant species as well and also done leaf insects. Phasmids are easy when you get a system down, but they are still one of the higher maintenance feeders compared to roaches and such.

    Edit: Even if I couldn't feed them off, I would raise phasmids, they are amazing creatures and I love them.
  13. poison

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    Leaf bugs are definitely something I've been wanting to get into. I found a place last week online but forgot the site. Know of anywhere I can get them?
  14. Andee

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    I know often has them and if it's your first time raising sticks or leafs of any sort, I would get them as nymphs from him because honestly when they are hatched from the ova you are asking for trouble as a new keeper. Leafs are far more complicated than sticks of any variety I have ever raised.
  15. poison

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    Ty very much. I'm going to check them out. What is the general life span on stick or leaf bugs?
  16. tenchijin

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    Those are hilarious! Serious suggestion though, the video would be 10x more enjoyable to watch if you held the phone sideways in landscape mode. We'd see the whole screen that way. Love to see more, those guys are great!
  17. Andee

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    Once stick and leaf insects hit adulthood it's usually only around 6 months to a year on average for species. Though some live much longer, as for ages of nymphs to adult they can live anywhere from 2 years + if you are lucky and don't have a bad run. You have to have a good set up for leaf insects to thrive. I lost my entire first batch and it's just because they got to cold and then we got a heat wave and the temps fluctuated to much without me realizing it and they desperately needed mistings every day and fresh plants every other day.
  18. Andee

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    Btw, @jpowell86 if you haven't checked your messages yet I have sent you some. ^^

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