Avoiding weight on top mesh of cage


Just curious on what tips and tricks anyone may have on how to avoid the weight of dome lights on the top mesh of a screened cage?

I have the linear uvb so the weight of that sits on the actual frame.

But I have a basking dome light along with another dome just for mist nozzle (really light) and the mesh still bows slightly in the middle which I do not like.

I don’t want to raise it higher but looking for quick ideas to brace the top or for something that may redistribute the weight.

Any ideas?


I stole Jame’s setup and use a wire shelf as well. I found a place online that sold them for like $20 for a 4x6 piece

Its useful for also strapping down mist heads.

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Nice! Any link to where you got it?

Ordered a jungle dawn spotlight and need to rearrange the top of my cage.

Probably will remove rain dome and put mister in cage.

And hoping to get rid of plant bulb that was being used as basking lamp. Color is terrible and hoping to get more light in the 5500-6500k spectrum


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Yep. They can get low enough to touch the screen which will still create a nice mist pattern, but it also creates rain drops and a drip effect that I like
I obviously already have all my stuff set up, but my cousin has been seriously considering getting a cham after seeing Pesto and my set up :love: so we will probably build her a cage and we will for sure keep this in mind
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