Avoiding misting messes?


Hey guys!! Any suggestions for avoiding the mess of misting with wood floors? I have been trying to clean up the best I can (I mist around 3 times a day, one extra occasionally to keep the humidity up) and have been using paper towels for any excess water that drips out. I will most likely be getting a mistking next month and was wondering what you guys do to avoid excess water getting on everything with a fully screened enclosure :)


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@Isxbvlle depends on the cage, but a typical screen cage can have DIY drainage by getting a washing machine drainage tray from home Depot, sitting the cage on some small risers (like pvc) and then drilling holes in cage floor.


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Putting a shower curtain or shrink to fit window insulation film on the back and at least part of the sides of your enclosure will help with any overspray thru the screen. If you install your Mist King nozzle in the front of your enclosure and pointing towards the back, that will also help.

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What’s the best way you suggest doing this? I’ve seen many people with one but can’t figure out how to DIY.
I agree it depends.

In lieu of drilling holes in the bottom, I replaced the bottom with ceiling egg crate. If you have any loose feeders in the enclosure, I'd suggest putting some window screen on top of the egg crate.

This still requires a drain pan, and my drain pan empties into a 5 gal. bucket that gets emptied once per month or so.



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I got a shower curtain from the dollar store, double sided foam tape. the shower curtain fits perfectly around 3 sides of a 2x2x4 repti breeze. Drilled small holes in the bottom of the cage, my cages sit on risen racks from a hardware store and my extra water drips from the holes to the rack holes and into a bucket i have below. Never had any issue with water on my walls or the floor by doing this.


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I sealed the two side and used a sink drain on my ReptiBreeze. Then I used pvc to connect to other cages to a bucket. Since I put my mist heads in the front the heat from lights were causing blow back. So I lowered the mist heads about 4 inches using some extra tubing. Now all water goes down drain. Used drain pans to much work and mess for me.


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You will want to cover the side that the mister sprays with something to deflect the water back into the cage to avoid over spray ending up on your floors.
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