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Hi there i have a one year old nose be male panther chameleon, he looks to be slightly underweight and i would like to bring him up to a more healthy weight. What should i be aiming for?
many thanks

There are a lot of variables involved with a chameleon's weight. My thought is that a Panther's healthy weight will largely depend on his skeletal structure that all of that tissue will be hanging on. My Panther looks to be on the big-side judging from his overall structure. And on top of that, I think he's a bit overweight too. Over the last 6 months+, I've had him on a restricted intake of only a few feeders every other day. I'll have to add the last 6 months to the plot one of these days :). Gotta dash now! (The graph data starts when he was 3 months old).
280 grams! he must be built like a tank lol. unless i am weighing mine wrong he is 60 grams, he has very small bone structure. He is a very fussy eater but dusnt appear to be too skinny. I will try and get some pictures up for you to judge.
I would say he's a little under weight. Nothing that's not manageable. Try getting silkworms and hornworms and a part of his diet, along with the crickets. Fussy eaters will still generally love to eat these feeders. I agree with Dave about each chameleon being different skeletal wise, I would aim for your male to be at least 100 grams. My males weigh between 125 and 185grams.
thank you for the advise guys, he is overcoming an eye infection and has been rather ravenous since i moved him over to his new enclosure, so hopefully putting the weight on him shouldnt prove too difficult.
Im surprised by that chart as well...........would be nice if we had everyone give averages.

I didnt weigh mine often if at all but I know the Sambava male I have is well over 200..........hes huge compared to my 40 gram yearling female Nosey be female (sick) and my sambava female who is also a yearling is about 65-70 grams.

My male sambava is 2
hey Dave you wouldn't by chance have a spiffy chart like that for veileds would ya
Here's a chart for Timid, a male Veiled that I adopted a couple of years ago. He's stable at about 184 grams for the last 6 months.

Grandpa is a male Veiled that I also adopted a couple of years ago from the same person at the same time. As you can see, his weight went up and then took a dive. He went out for "stud services" and somehow ended-up with a bloom of parasites. I don't think he picked-up the parasites while out on the town for those two months but rather the stress of having to "perform" was just too much. My guess was that a small pre-existing parasite load exploded. After treating him for several months, they are slowly getting under control again. (Handy to have your own microscope:D.) He's currently running around 245 grams.

Just for those who have never weighed a freshly hatched chameleon, I weighed a clutch and they varied between 0.4 grams and 0.9 grams. I'm sure that others have weighed their hatchlings and found weights probably towards 2 grams. The batch that I hatched for a friend all did very well even though the weights varied so much at the start :).
Agreed that it varies by the individual. I have two 1 year old ambiboles -- got them at the same time from the same wonderful breeder -- one is always in precarious health and his shedding strategy seems to be to shrink until the top layer skin wrinkles and dries rather than grow until it splits. When he crests 95 grams I am really happy. The other is, I think, half iguana -- a big people guy who likes whatever I'm serving, including veggies and hard boiled egg. My challenge is keeping all 18 inches of him at or below 300 grams.
Hi Dave/Guys,

I have an ambilobe male of what I thought to be 5 mo more or less. He's about almost 5" from tip of nose to vent. that's just rough estimate. He's the one on my avatar taken 2 weeks ago. I've had him for almost a month.

Last Friday I weighed him and he's only 10 gram. Is that normal? He also hasn't shedded since last month. I tried giving him super worm once and he just ignore it.
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