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Does anyone use an auto mister without punching a hole in the bottom of their cage and letting it drain? I'm setting up a habitat for my son and he wants a mister but doesn't want to deal with a hole in his cage.
I use a mistking with 2 nozzles without a drainage hole. both nozzles are on the same side and I have it set up that a small plastic tub, (tub the lettuce came in) that is covered with screen so cham cant possibly fall in, the majority of water ends up in the tub which I take out and drain every day or 2, my dripper also eventually drips into this tub. I have the timer set to go off approx every 2 hours for a minute each time and it seems to work out perfect that it dries out in between.
Naomi, I built a wooden frame that is elevated that my cage sits on, that way I can have a water pan underneath and remove it easily without the chams even knowing.
The PVC drain pans sold by Tiki Tiki and LLL Reptile can be used.... There are two kinds. One is called a substrate pan that replaces the bottom of the cage and then there is another that the cage sits on. If you used the pan that the cage sits on, only a small hole in the center will need to be made for the water to slowly drip out. I am a strong believer in long misting sessions to encourage drinking. If you need drainage to remove water, your misting the right amount. :)
I have a MONSOON RS400 (automatic misting system) with 2 nozzles per cage. I have the nozzles on the two top back corners of the cage pointing toward the center of the cage and the ficus tree. At the bottom all i have is the SUBSTRATE TRAY from LLL REPILTES. The substrate absorbs most of the water and the tray hold the excess. I take out the "tray" when a clean out the cage (about once a week) and get rid off of any excess water and replace the substrate with new, dry substrate. the misting schedule is a full minute every 3 hrs. My chams drink (urate is always white), and there is enough time for the excess water to dry. NO NEED FOR HOLE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CAGE!
I am using a pro mist with one nozzle per cage (plenty IMHO). One cage is 48x24x24, the other is 24x24x12(for a juvenile). I am able to get by with misting 4x a day two minutes at a time with no drainage on the bottom. I am getting ready to get a fully draining cage not because they need the extra misting but because they seem to enjoy it.
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