Automatic Feeders?


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Does anyone have an automatic feeder setup? I have been trying to build one for my control system but haven't quite figured out a good method yet.

And just an update to my Cham Monitoring System:
I got some good quotes on some older refurbished controllers and I got the price from about $2500 to $1500 for an entire setup. Setup includes Automatic lights, Automatic Misting, Basically automatic and scheduleable outlets for anything plugged in to them. Monitoring and Graphing of Temp, Light Output, Humidity, or any other sensor you would like to use. And it comes with a website and web server built in so you can monitor and take care your chams from anywhere. You can also add a web cam if you would like but it would cost more of course. I am also building a website for the entire control syetem so people can read more about it and see video and pics.


There are automatic feeders that are made for cats/dogs that would probably work. You'll have to google to find it.

It has 4 containers that you put the food in. As I recall, they are seperate sealled compartments. You would put some insect food, carrot and orange in this with the insects and close the lid. When the timer goes off, the lid pops open. I'm sure if you connected this to an electrical outlet that you could control by internet, this would work for you.

I'll see if I can find a link...
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