Auto Misting and Enclosure Comments?


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Here are my enclosures for my 6 month old Jackson and my 3 month old Ambilobe Panther. Comments and suggestions are welcome. All images are in my gallery #'s 1494 - 1504 or click the links below. The images were too large to attach :( sorry.

The Automatic misting occurs 3 times a day. The humidity of the entire room is kept between 60% and 70%. Daytime temps average between 75 - 80 degrees. Night temps between 65 - 70 degrees.
The large enclosure has:
50 watt spot lamp keeping basking area 85 - 90 for the Jackson
Reptisun 10.0 UVB
Large automatic misting nossle (3x a day)

The small enclosure has:
75 watt spot lamp keeping the basking area 90 - 95 for the Panther
Reptisun 5.0 UVB
Small fine misting nossle (3x a day)

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movieman- I would suggest that you go with a ProMist model. They are great and they are truly Dry run safe. Check out the thread for a few weeks ago to learn more about all of the misters.


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Everything looks good except I would probably remove the basking light from the inside of the enclosure.. if your chameleon decides to climb on it (and at some point he or she will) it will cause a nasty burn.


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The rubber plants (ficus elastica) in the panther's cage are toxic. Unlike some other ficus trees which just contain the irratating toxin in the sap those also have them in the leaves. Could be a problem plant. The nails could easily puncture the leaf when climbing and get on the skin, possibly irratating them. Some chameleons will rake their teeth on the leaves when they drink in which case they could directly ingest the toxin.

I guess I am curious if the flourescent UVb light is in the jackson's cage? At the distance it looks it is probably not that effective outside the cage. You could either try and move all the plants up a bit and the basking bulb on top of the cage. Perhaps just move it in the cage as well. Normally I would say not to put lights in the cage at all but I think you are taking the right approach with how you have the mister. Jacksons tend to get a little lazy so do not think he would be climbing around up there plus it looks like he has quite an area to explore already.

Everything looks pretty good to me.
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