So we all talk about bee pollen and its benefits and all that good stuff, but what about actually pulling some bees in? It's summer time finally here in NY [or at least the sun says so] and I think my melleri would enjoy some wild caught bugs.

Is the bee pollen pellets/powder I get from commercial sources going to work if I just lay it out in a bird feeder? Is the refinement process going to mess it up? I'm sure it'd attract flies. I'm going to try it!


if your question is how to attract bees then i suggest trying to set out a plant that you have researched and is known for attracting bees and try the bird feeder or just laying out plain sugar water, none of these i have tried but i have heard that they should work.


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It seems like every summer a couple of my chameleons snack on a wild bee. I don't think one has ever been stung.But that does not mean its not possible.I don't think it's worth the gamble.
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