attaching gauges & hows my greenery?


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I have my screen cage all set up for the new guy :) He'll be here on Friday.
I got a B grade cage from DIY cages, I love it! Great deal for $55. Only a few issues with alignment and the screen.

I wanted to post pictures of the greenery/branches/vines and get some feedback. I used bamboo for verticals and horizontals at different levels, stuck grapevine throughout, and added three different plastic green-leaf vines for shade. There's driftwood at the bottom, along with a cup for feeding. I have a hanging thermometer at the bottom to watch the gradient, and I want to put my humidity and temp gauges near the basking area.

Branches and vines are attached with jewelry wire, pins and thumbtacks.

Does this look okay? Do I need more vines or is there enough shaded area?






Also, how can I attach these? The adhesive stickers they came with didn't work well. Does anyone have a favorite adhesive?


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I picked up a pack of Scotch adhesive velcro from Walmart for $4-5. The pack came with a 4' long by 1" wide strip that you can cut to whatever length you need. So far I have used it to attach gauges to the frame of my Reptibreeze screen cage, a Zoomed light fixture, and the outside of my custom wood enclosure and it's still holding on strong and I still have over 3' left lol.


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I hot glue a piece of wire on the back that I bend into a hook then I can just hook it through the screen without it damaging it. And that way I can move it whenever and wherever I want later.


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Looks great!Lots of places for your cham to escape the UVB or basking source if needed. As for the guages, I wouldn't put the hygrometer by the basking light. You could get some false readings from the heat. Can't wait to see pictures of your new addition! :D
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