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Okay so yeterday, I was outside mowing the lawn, and I see what looks like a green butterfly flying by me. This coaught my attention because I had never seen anything like it. But when it stopped flying I realized it was a Grasshoper. So what I did was grab it by the back and put it in Weirdo's enclosure. I thought this would be a good challenge for him and it was. I put the hopper in yesterday in the morning and he just at it right now at 10:15 AM! It took him a while to swallow though. Is it bad that I fed him this? Is it too big? It was about an inch and a half. Thank you for your replies!
A guideline that I follow is the length of the cricket or whatever you are feeding should be no longer than the width of the chameleons head. This reduces the risk of a choking hazard.
Grasshoppers are good to add a little variety-- the green one's not the brown with red&yellow...rameldo i believe they are called, as they "spit" and are toxic. Just make sure they come from an area that is pesticide-free.
Sorry about the double post. These are the bad guys:

Okay thank you for that ;) Ill be sure not to give him one as big as the one he ate today next time. But their are usually never any around my house, this is the first I've seen ... And thank you for thepicture of the toxic one :D
i want to go bug hunting one of these days this summer as i cannot feed her nothing local cause the city is dirty. i know a place where i can get some bugs that are probably toxin-free, im hoping i will be healthy enough to collect some bugs for my chameleons.
In the wild, chameleons have been known to eat many other things besides insects. Birds, small mammals, and *cough* other chameleons (especially baby chameleons) can also be part of their diets. Most of the time, this depends on the size of the chameleon, as well as the size of the prey.

A Hummingbird sounds just the right size for a grown adult larger chameleon to eat. Always keep your baby chameleons separated and away from the adult chameleons, as they may become an appetizer!
I may have read the same story about the chameleon eating the bird and I believe it was an oustalets which get pretty large. I'm sure that it happens more than we think. My adult panthers will eat anoles that get into the outdoor enclosures here. I've heard that they are actually pretty nutritious for them, especially gravid females.
They have started this weird "quarinity" thing in my county and in all of east Tennessee. They are trying to stop the fire ants so nothing around here is safe to feed to chameleons. The local goverment actually thinks that they can do it (hahahahahahahahaha). When I was young and lived in Texas me and my brother use catch these things called "horny toads". Awesome little creatures that dine almost exclusively on ants. I heard that they are now on the endangered species list because these ants are toxic to them. It is a shame really that kids won't get to see these kind of things anymore.
I don't know what happened it made me post again or I am stupid one. Sorry.
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what other crazy kinds of bugs can you feed them. i know pepe my cham. is probably bent from eating crickets. i would be. i want to switch it up but i dont want it to effect his belly!
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