Arlo won't eat anything but super worms! Help!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zigzagzug, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Chameleon Info:
    Your Chameleon - Arlo is a year old male Nosy Be Panther Chameleon. He as been in my care for 2 months now.
    Handling - A couple times a week.
    Feeding - Right now, he will only eat super worms. He eats 1-2 every other day
    Supplements - Calcium without D3 every other feeding, calcium with D3 + multi vitamin twice a month.
    Watering - I have a misting that goes off for a total of 15 minutes a day.
    Fecal Description - white urate, very small dark brown poop. He has been tested for parasites and he is clean
    History - He has never really been a big eater, he is 7 inches long STV.

    Cage Info:
    Cage Type - Reptibreeze XL, 24"x24"x48"
    Lighting - Reptisun 5.0 LED 22", 75 watt bulb for basking
    Temperature - Ambient is 72-78f. Basking is 80-86f Lowest overnight temps 70f. I measure with a digital gauge
    Humidity - Always 30-40%, gets to 70 after mistaking goes off and it quickly goes back down to 35ish. I use a digital gauge.
    Plants - 3.5 foot umbrella plant
    Placement - My bedroom, low traffic, not placed near any vents or anything, highest point of cage is 5.5 feet off the ground
    Location - I live in Ottawa ON, Canada

    Current Problem - Arlo won't eat anything aside from super worms, it has gotten much colder here recently and I have noticed that his appetite has decreased swell, but he won't accept anything accept supers, I've tried bsfl, horns, silks, and crickets, he has eaten a few crickets recently but he isn't liking to them. I live in Canada so roaches are a no no. Should I starve him until he eats crickets/ other feeders because supers are only a treat/snack but he is being picky, I guess he really likes them lol. Right now, he is only eating about 5-6 supers a week, nothing else.
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  3. ERKleRose

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    Calcium without D3 should be every feeding, or close to every feeding, are you gutloading the supers with organic fresh fruits and veggies that are safe? That’s a small amount of food, the panther care sheet here has proper amounts of feeders to be given every feeding. How long is each misting? It needs to be at least 2 minutes long, but preferably 5. Humidity is too low, wrap the sides of his cage with tarp or painter’s plastic to help hold in humidity, and adding some more live plants will help with humidity, as well. Don’t feed him for one or two feedings, and offer something else. Superworms should be occasional variety, not a staple. Have you pupated the BSFL and fed off the flies? Are roaches illegal or something? Could you post a pic of him and his enclosure as well, please?
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    your cham has become a food snob. You can starve him but I prefer to find something even more appealing than super worms. it's too bad about roaches in Canada because green banana roaches are great for breaking hunger strikes. You can try stick insects or letting your BSFL pupate into flies. Blue bottle flies are another great strike breaker. IDK what I would do if my state/country didnt allow tropical roaches. I would probably be the guy you see on AOL news feed busted for smuggling exotic species.

    In the mean time, until you get some flies or sticks, I would try to get him to eat crickets at least every other time. apparently the exoskeleton of supers can stop up a cham. This way the crickets can clean out the chams tract. If he refuses to eat crickets today, try them tomorrow, then the next day until he does. Also, look for white supers that just shed their skin. those are easier to digest.
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    Your chameleon looks pretty small from you avatar. I would continue to feed him. One or two Superworms is really not enough. Are you offering other feeders? I had a Nosy Be that would only eat supers for two years. My vet said supers are actually good feeders and not to worry to much about it. I continued to offer him other feeders and after two years he started eating silkworm and hornworms.

    If your guy hasn’t had a fecal lately, I highly recommend getting one.
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    I have been offering him crickets every day but he just won't eat them, the cham in my avatar is a different cham, Arlo is 15 inches long with his tail. Yes i give the supers good veggies and fruits.

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  7. ERKleRose

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    Great to hear you’re gutloading! Could you add some more branches, vines, and plant cover?
  8. zigzagzug

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    Yes, I will be doing that soon.
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    Have you tried giving him hornworms or silkworms?
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    I recommend trying silkworms and hornworms. I also recommend gutloading the Superworms with a good dry gutload such as Cricket Crack or Bug Buffet along with fresh greens, veggies and fruit.
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    yes I am currently using carrots, potatoes, apple, and rep ashy super load insect gut load (the one with a panther cham on the front)
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    I had to starve one of males for about a week once to get him off his super addiction. I only offered roaches and eventually he caved. I only had supers as treats after that and I never had issues with him refusing food after that.and I started feeding several feeders every other day instead of everyday. They can become picky from overfeeding as well. Not really hungry so they just knab their favorites.
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