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Brads vet sticky is great, but dosent really address folks needs here, dosent get noticed/used.

Rather than link google search results which may or may not be useful,
how about you folk get together and write upCountry, Your area and Vet details, to form an ongoing 'by area' list of herp vets.

Mods could delete out the various useless posts that will appear in it, to keep it a 'clean' thread, Or could be PM'd with a listing to add , and keep it locked.
I see so many folk asking for a vet listing in specific areas, I thought it might be more useful than the current sticky.

Seems to be a crucial resource that is lacking. Lets make it better! :)
The attached pdf file contains a list of the veterinarians suggested within this thread. For convenience the vets are grouped by state and city. Other information such as hospital name, doctor name and date of referral are also included. This should be great for members that are looking for a qualified chameleon vet in their area. Over time the file will be updated periodically as new suggestions are posted. A big thank you to @elizaann2 for creating this resource.

Do you know a great veterinarian with real chameleon experience? We would love to hear about it.


  • Exotic Vet Recommendations - U.S.A..pdf
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Mid-Michigan, USA

Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic (Williamston, MI) - 20 minute drive from East Lansing, 30 from Lansing, ~ 40-45 from Ann Arbor, ~ 1:20 from Grand Rapids (I know the Californians drive further!)

Accredited reptile vets Drs R Beasley and Nolan; Dr. C Beasley is a bird vet (small animal practice as well)

Chameleon experience; they do all the veterinary work for Preuss Pets, a good local petstore with a large reptile selection.
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in Louisville, KY the hospital I work for is Shively Animal Clinic and my wonderful vet/boss/friend is Dr. Mary Jane Fuchs. We are a family owned & operated animal hospital Dr. Mary Jane works there with her father Dr. Richard Fuchs who started the practice and with her 3 other siblings and 5 other vets. We are the only hospital in the Louisville area that sees exotics 24 hour a day.
Great vet

Louisville, KY Shively Animal Clinic Dr. Mary Jane Fuchs see lots of exotics. She sees snakes,chams, any lizard really, sugar gliders, pot belly pigs, chinchillas, goats,and cats & dogs
Chicago Area Reptile Vet

Here's a great Chicago area reptile vet: There are many vets here that claim that they are an "exotic" vet, however in the Chicagoland area, there are only 2 of them that I would trust with any reptile, including all of my chams (and they take emergencies). Here is the one I go to. Since we are not "Cham Central USA", he has good connections/colleagues that he contacts for further information and/or questions and he is open-minded and is not opposed to taking cham advice/suggestions from a breeder with experience (i.e. many times, we have talked about stuff/suggestions on the forum).

Dr. Todd Gray
Arboretum View Animal Hospital
2551 Warrenville Road
Downers Grove, IL 60515
630-963-0424 - phone
630-963-0537 - fax
LA area vets

Attila Molnar, DVM *
All Animals Medical Center, Calabasas, California - (818) 591-2773

Geoffrey Stein, DVM *
Shipp's Animal Hospital, 351 Foothill Blvd., Beverly Hills - (310) 550-0101

Daniel Reimer, DVM *
Adler Veterinary Clinic, North Hills, California - (818) 893-6366

Thomas H. Boyer, DVM
Pet Hospital of Penasquitos, 888-F Carmel Mountain Road, San Diego, CA - (858) 484-3490
Pet Hospital of Penasquitos

Todd R. Cecil, DVM
Pet Emergency and Specialty Center, Chula Vista, CA (619) 591-4802 and La Mesa, CA (619) 462-4800

Tom Greek, DVM
Greek & Associates Veterinary Hospital, 23687 Via Del Rio, Yorba Linda - (714) 463-1190 or (866) 940-7028
Long Island NY Vet

Island Exotics animal hospital. They only do exotics. best place around our area.

Dr. Heidi L. Hoefer, Avian & Exotic Animal Veterinarian Exotics DVM cover. Island Exotic Veterinary Care 591 East Jericho Turnpike, Huntington.
(631) 424-0300
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