"Are they ready to breed?"


Hello guys i have 2 female panther chameleons with me 1 is a nosy be and 1 is an ambilobe... im not sure if they are sub adults i think there are less than 10 people with panther chameleons here in the philippines because they are very difficult to bring in... can you guys help me see if they are big enough to breed? I pay a lot of money for them just to get them here the male will arrive this thursday thanks so much here are the pics


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What are the weights on them? They look close to being ready size wise.

A big part of "being ready to breed" is if they are receptive too. You can have females that are old enough and big enough that are not ready to breed.
Actually, id say they aren't ready yet.

My female who is almost 8 months old, is about that size, and I wouldn't breed her until she is at least a year.

I would wait a bit more.
Thanks for the feedback guys i appreciate it i ordered 2 pairs of ambilobes the 1st pic is a sample of a female they claim to be a sub adult. I cant be choosy only 1 guy can bring them in in my country adnd he is the son of a general that's why. The 2nd pic is my lone survivor nosy be. They sold me hatchlings bought 5 4 died on the 1st week this guy made it
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