Are these worms too big for my chameleon?

I recently purchased horn worms and was wondering if they are too big for him to eat. I got the smallest size I could but I am not sure if they still are too big.
I will put photos for reference but for measurements, venus baby is 2 and a half inches excluding tail, and worms are about an inch and half. I want him to try the worms but I also don’t want my child to die………


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I'd have to see them together to judge. They should be slimmer than the space between his eyes. You can slow their growth by placing them in the fridge for several hours. you have to be careful or you will kill them rather than slow them.


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I would say if your cham is only 2.5 inches in the body than these horns would be larger than I would personally feed. Hornworms have a nasty bite the larger they get and their outer skin gets tougher. I feed my adult male veiled horns that are 1.5 inches but nothing larger than that.

Look through that entire cup though you may have some smaller 1 inch guys that are thinner and will be easily manage by a young cham.


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No wider than its eyes and half the length of its tounge is what i stick with till they get bigger but thats just me
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