Arcadia deep heat projector


has anyone used the Arcadia deep heat projector? is it recommended over a traditional heat lamp?


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Interested to hear peoples opinion on this. I just read John Courteney-Smith’s latest book, and he discusses in detail the development and benefits of this lamp. I couldn’t help but feel it was an advertisement for his own product. Hoping it’s as good as he says it is.


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In regards to versus a Ceramic Heater, it is vastly superior, for cases such as Night Heat.

In regards to basking during the day, it is lackluster.

The idea is great, no light from the heat so less light for nocturnal species, and easier to control light levels and colors throughout the day. Also the ability to day and night heat with one light. The idea is old, the first iteration of this was made a long time ago, by the company that makes Mega Ray's.

Now the issue here is Infared. The marketing on the Deep Heat talks about this, it talks about deep tissue heating, ect. This is all true and great. However, deep tissue heating, that feeling on your skin of warmth that goes down to your bone, when you stand in the sun is IRA.

IRB does produce that heating as well, but not nearly to the level of IRA does. IRB more so heats the air, than deep into your tissue, as the waves are shorter, and fall further away.

So what we are after, for our reptiles is to match the IR of the sun, to the best of our abilities. So which light is best at that, well here.


Graphs from Peregrine Magazine Oct 2019
(Heat Projector / Carbon Fillament Lamp is a "Deep Heat")

As you can see, we really don't yet have a perfect option. With the advent and growth of IR LEDs, there may be a perfect option coming in the future. New LED tech has begun to attempt to recreate the visible sun, in time that will surely be added with UV and IR rays we can only hope.

Until then, the good ole Tungsten Halogen and Incans are the best we have. Far from perfect, but still the best.


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I can’t wait to see where new LED tech can take us. As far as I gather at the moment, the “perfect” artificial light would be a pile of different lights, zip tied together, on an apparatus that swings from one end of the canopy to the other over 12 hours. As soon as any LED options are available, either full spectrum or UVB, I’d like to know. Or I’d like to know how to construct one if only parts can be obtained.
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