AquaZamp Preminum Misting System w/3 Nozzels

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AquaZamp Premium Misting system. The system was used for about 1 year and is in Excellent condition.

This System comes with three misting nozzle kits.

Premium Misting kits are comprised of components made in the USA. The nozzle components and tubing used in our kits are NSF certified, our pumps are also NSF certified and Water Quality Association certified. You get nothing but the best from AquaZamp.

The following components are included in the Premium Misting Nozzle Kit:

One pressure adjustable diaphragm pump
One pump power supply
Three cage mount brackets
Three mist nozzle kits
25 feet of 1/4" tubing
One Digital Timer
One four gallon reservoir
One reservoir lid with mounting holes pre-drilled
Four nylon pump mounting bolts
One bulkhead fitting
One 90* stem elbow
Two pre-cut reservoir tubes
Digital Seconds timer with multiple on/off settings

System Retails for $186.25

Asking $100.00, regular USPS shipping included (lower 48 only), Payment through Paypal; please send me a PM if you are interested.

Thanks for looking!

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