Aquazamp makes a lot of noise



I want to know if anyone else's aquazamp makes a high pitch squeeling sound when its running. I have the low profile raindome and it makes an awful squeeling sound when it runs. I have included a video of it so you can see what its doing. If yours does or did this how did you resolve it?

aquazamp video

I rotated the camera while filiming so you'll have to ignore that. LOL.


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It will go away after 5-10 gallons go through it. really you should have ran 5 gallons threw it before you installed it in the cage to clean it out from manufacturing.


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Agreed, the squealing goes away after a bit...the vibrating doesn't. Its expected with the plastic brackets that come with the kit. I pulled it off of the lid and put it on a board on the floor with a Styrofoam buffer to prevent all the vibration noise. Mistkings make the same amount of noise. I confirmed this because my neighbor has a Mistking that is only 1 year old. He used to have chameleons, but switched to full-on frogs...meh, Im glad to be moving soon.
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