Appetite decrease?


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My adult male Jackson's (~2+ years) has been eating a lot less recently. I haven't noticed weight loss, his eyes show he is hydrated, he is very active. Though because this is a new trend I thought I'd ask:

Should I be worried that he will only eat one bug, MAYBE two every other day?

I will put in 3-4 crickets every other day and on the same day I will offer another feeder (after I offer crickets, usually superworm or butterworm because he won't eat much else). But I find myself taking out 2-3 crickets at the end of the day.

Will this sustain a fully grown Jackson's? The 'rents don't like the idea of roaches or else I'd do those as well.
Yesterday I fed 3 large crickets, today I see none (though it's normal that they find their places to hide) but I didn't see him eat any. Today he ate a butterworm readily. Yay!
I can't offer much input on what his intake should be, but if you think this might become a problem and think me may become malnourished or lose weight. I strongly suggest you get some flukers Repta-Boost carnivore formula to have on hand just in case.
I'm on my way to get a gram scale and reptaboost. He is still very active, though he seems disinterested in the crickets. Has loved supers these past few days.

I only offer 3 every other day, for he doesn't eat all of them. I'm going to see about 'hiding' some roaches...

Will update if I see weight changes. Thank you for the replies. :)
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