Anyone see a problem with my winter setup?

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by coffeeguy89, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. coffeeguy89

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    Since we are now in winter the drop in temperature and humidity levels has made it necessary for this frankenstine of a setup lol. I purchased an oil radiator space heater and placed it on the warmer side of his cage (his basking spot is in the left back corner of his cage.) Then next to the heater I have placed an ultrasonic humidifier so it just barely wafts the humid air on to the top of heater. Before I added the heater and humidifier the cool part of his cage would never break 65 during the day, and the humidity levels would stay at 30% and below. Now his cage has a perfect temperature gradient from 84 in his basking spot to 72 in the lower parts of his cage. The humidity levels also stay at a pretty constant 50% between misting. Does anyone see any potential problems/safety issues with this set up?


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  2. Julirs

    Julirs New Member

    Looks really good as long as the oil heater does not put off fumes (I don't think they do) and that the humidifier doesn't make your shirts damp! :)
  3. coffeeguy89

    coffeeguy89 New Member

    lol no, my shirts stay perfectly dry (but just barely ;))
  4. Frosty274

    Frosty274 New Member

    I have the same problem living in Moorhead, mn and i have my cage by a heater duct so it blows in hot and and gets air circulation. The basking is around 83-85 and all around temp is in the low 70, at night it donst get below 68. For the humidity i also have a ultra sonic humidifier but i set it right next to the cage and it blows into the cage! Then it also acts as a dripper from the mist hitting the cage and plants. my humidity never goes below 70 at the bottom or on the non basking side and all it stays above 50 with 1 to 2 mists a day.

    Im pretty new to chams but id day i looks good if you can keep everything up!
  5. nicholas

    nicholas Member

    This whole convo is why people in colder climates should switch to Montanes! Lol They just love the cooler temps!

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