Anyone order a cham from LLLreptile?


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Anyone order a cham from LLLreptile? If so, would you recommend them? I think I'd like to order from an actual company, and their testimonials look good, but I'd like to hear from members who have ordered.
If you want to order from an actual company, there are breeding companies that only sell chameleons that would be a much better choice I beleive. After all, why buy a chameleon from a company that thinks a stick on analogue dial thermometer is good enough to measure a chameleons cages temps.
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I could be wrong, but I believe lllreptile is more of a distributor. I would recommend purchasing from a breeder if possible. That way you know exactly what you are getting, can request photos of the parents, and know its history. That being said, lllreptile offers good service and I know people that have purchased chameleons from them without any problems. I have never purchased an animal from them, but I have purchased supplies and have no complaints.
I have purchased WC chameleons from LLLreptiles, and was very pleased. However, they ARE a distributor, and if you are looking for something CB, you might want to consider a breeder that can tell you who the parents of your chameleon are.

I'm a newbie, so please forgive me if I ask a moronic question. What is the reasoning behind knowing who the parents are? Is that just so you have an idea of how it will turn out coloring wise? Or is there another reason?

Also, since they're a distributor, is this how they work: buy a group lot from a private breeder, and then sell them? Is that how they can sell them cheaper?
One of the reasons that you might want to know who the parents are is because of coloring. Another is so that you know for certain you are receiving a certain color morph. However, there are other reasons. LLLreptiles does buy large lots and then sells them. That is fine, but you have no idea who the actual breeder of the chameleons was, or what care they received as a neonate. It is possible that you will receive an animal that was very well taken care of, or an animal that.. wasn't. One of the things you can be sure of by buying from a reputible breeder is that the neonates are well cared for from birth until you receive them. You rarely read about people struggling with chameleons who purchased them from the Kammers or Blue Beast. It is fairly common to see posts about those animals that just fail to thrive when they come from an unknown dealer. While some of it may have to do with current husbandry, I wonder how much it has to do with the care they received as neonates, or the care the mother received while the eggs were developing. Just some considerations. Personally, I like LLLreptiles. I would probably not choose to purchase a panther from LLLreptiles. While I suppose the origination of the animals could be from a great source like Chameleon Company, it is more probable that they are from independent "breeders" who are dumping clutches for some reason. JMO..

thank you for your explanation Heika. The reason I said I wanted to order from a company is because of stuff like testimonials that I can read. I don't like to just jump into a purchase without researching everything I can. There is a reptile show coming up on June 11th that I was hoping to pick up a panther at. But looking at the vendor list, there was only one listed that said they had panthers. But I tried to email them and call them, and the email was returned undeliverable, and the phone was disconnected. Doesn't make me feel too secure about getting help later on if I need it, ya know? I was looking at ads on Kingsnake, and did talk to a couple of breeders, one who has been really helpful so far, but I don't know these people, and don't know how their chams are raised or anything. I honestly really can't afford to spend $400 plus shipping on a cham (please, no bashers about how can I afford vet care if I can't spend half a grand on a cham, I don't believe the amount you spend on a pet is a reflection on how you will take care of it). I did see a nice one on Prism Chameleons, and it was listed cheaper because of a moving sale (I read that she's moving into a new building on June 1st) and I won't be making my purchase until June 12th when we get back from vacation, so I doubt if she'll still have it by then. Has anyone ever bought a cham off of Kingsnake? If so, do you remember the name of the seller? Thanks!
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i got a baby panther from lll about 2 weeks ago, he's healthy and happy so far. and i also bought a roach colony from lll and they all arived alive.
Thanks. I live right outside of St Louis. I am actually talking to Jenna about a male she has available, so keep your fingers crossed for me!:p
Another seller that wasn't on Lele's list that you might want to consider is Chameleon Company. They occasionally list panthers on Kingsnake, and their prices are very reasonable. They also have an excellent reputation. One of the owners is Jim Flaherty, you might want to shoot him an email if you and Jenna don't come to an agreement. [email protected]
Thank you to those who referred me to Jenna at PrismChameleons. After talking with her, I've decided to put a deposit on this handsome fellow today as soon as I get off work.





Now I can't wait to come back from vacation! Isn't he handsome? We're going to name him Cainen.
i would like to have one of those green red striped panthers however ive not the experience or knowledge yet to keep one alive ,maybe the end of next summer.
Great choice! I am sure you will get a fine animal and PROPER care info. Keep us posted! Yup he's a good looking guy!
I've had Cainen for a couple of months now. He's in my avatar, hubby was holding him and Cainen saw himself in our dresser mirror. I really recommend Jenna, even after the sale, when I've had questions, she's always taken the time to call me and answer any questions I have. I couldn't be more happy with Cainen!
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