Anyone On Oahu Able To Lizard-Sit?


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We are heading to the mainland for my son's graduation in May. I am looking for someone willing to take Johanna for the 16 days we will be gone. Johanna is a baby, female Jackson. She's pretty grumpy, but we love her anyway. Currently she is about 4 inches long, and super easy.

Obviously we would pay for all of her food, treats, plant replacements and whatever else the caregiver needs. Her enclosure is small and doesn't take up much space...The original plan was to ask a neighbor, but I feel more comfortable asking someone who has experience with Chameleon's--and most of my neighbors aren't comfortable feeding live bugs to a lizard. If anyone on Oahu is willing to help us out, we would love to reciprocate if ever needed.

Thanks so much,

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