Anyone missing a beautiful panther???

There was a guy that rescues and relocates wild snakes on Tiktok that was called to a house to pick up a very beautiful and well cared for panther. The guy said it was just crawling around the neighborhood. They are making efforts to find the owner. I put a comment on there for him to post it here but, just incase he doesn't I thought I would. Someone is really missing that guy for sure. If anyone know anything please message me and I'd be happy to share the Tiktok info with you. Hope he makes it home. 🙏


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I recently contacted a guy in SoCal that was selling a panther very similar to this one, he was selling it because he couldn't take care of it anymore due to college (I guess). After a few days he posted a cage for sale saying that was the cage he'd use to transport the cham -but it looks the same cage to me- I don't know if it's helpful, you guys tell me if you find any similarities
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