Anyone make and sell custom cages??


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I'm looking into getting a bigger cage for my Pedro and was wondering if anyone makes and sells custom cages? I would like something nice that would look good in my sons bedroom. I have no talent for building. I would like something that's nicer than aluminum and with drainage holes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

MWheelock, did make the screen part of the enclosure from your gallery pics?
Yes they did.

I asked them to make a custom size for me and make it without the bottom so I could just lay it on top of the base I made.

It is holding up really well. It is remarkably light to lift for cleaning and Manga really likes it.

I was surprised that the cages were as cheap as they were. I'm pretty sure that if I tried to make something comparable, it would have cost me more (plus I would not be able to make it look as good). They will also make with different type and sizes of mesh as you desire.

I suggest that you call the phone number on his website and talk to him. He will not pressure you to buy, but will help you decide what you need for your particular cham.

Most importantly, his customer service is great. I had a couple screens torn during shipping. He replaced them quickly at no cost to me.

If you do talk to him, tell him I said hi and thanks,

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