anyone know whats wrong with her eye?

some more pics of her eye, she don't like me taking pictures of her because she keeps getting mad.
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Well, its not shedding skin. A vet can perscribe something for you/her.
There is no answer better than a good vet, but someone here may be able to suggest somethign that you can buy.
is it some kind of eye infection? or something in her eye.

it seems swollen because she cannot close it all the way. its like the green part her eyelid is more round shaped.
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can you use eye medication prescribed for humans on a chameleons eye i have 1% econopred plus(prednisolone acetate opthalmic suspension 1% which i used when i had iritis

and i have this stuff which is for a eye infection bausch & lomb neomycin and polymyxin B sulfates andgramicidin opthalmic solution usp.

i am gonna get some regular eye drops to try first because maybe she got something in her eye while she was digging when she laid eggs.
I have seen something like this (bagginess) a couple of times over the years but I don't know what the diagnosis was with any of the ones I saw/heard of. (They weren't my chameleons and I didn't hear/read the follow-up on any of the cases.)

I have also seen something similar to this that occurred after surgery for a sinus infection. The chameleon came to me looking fine, but deveoped a swelling near the eye that was a sinus infection. The surgery caused swelling and when the swelling went down, the eye looked baggy like your chameleon's. Was your chameleon's eye ever swollen?

As for using human meds for the don't know what bacteria is involved (if there even is any involved) and most bacteria that chameleon's get are gram negative while humans get mostly gram positive bacteria. The strength of the meds for humans may be different than what a chameleon would get too.

I would advise you to ask a vet about it.
now her eye went shut

first splinters eye had a yellowish color around the lid today her eye is in fact shut.i called a vet in this area and it cost 47-67$ depending on the problem to check her out this place is the closest the others are at minimum 30 minutes away. after some thought i decided that if her eye don't open by tommorow night which it probably won't im making a appointment for her.i was looking at her the other day and i cannot ust let her die .
happened to notice two potential reasons why her eye is messed up

o boy today i went into the chameleom room and splinter was at the back of her cage and very dark color n i noticed that the barrier between her and lucky had dropped down about a inch from the top of the cages and them two were at hell with each other,while fixing this i noticed that splinters schefflera has many missing leaves splinter has been eating the schefflera she ate about 10 leaves maybe more and she might of gotten the sap in her eye causing her eye problem or since she was against the screen trying to harm lucky she might of damaged her eye on the screen.

i dropped some saline in her eye earlier today and it opened a few times maybe it will get better without me using my credit card for the animal hospital.
no it did not heal up ,she went to the vet on friday and is on trimeth sulfa antibiotic and we beleive her eye problem originated from a small bruise above that eye that happened over the summer while mating.
they also prescribed silver sulfadiazine cream to put on the briused area.

she is doing ok she eats alot and is her normal self.
thanks for being concerned.
My panther chameleon Marty had something similar to this a few weeks ago. It looked like dry crusty stuff around his eye and it stayed there for about a week, I just used some simple saline eye drops about once a day for a few days and it cleared right up. It hasn't bothered him again. :)
well thats good shes getting better. my guy had an infected eye and i took him to the vet today and got some eye drops. so im hoping he will be doing better soon!
today her eye opened which is good, there was a piece of something that looked a blackish color where they were pasted shut i used a q-tip to move it away as it was falling off.
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