Anyone have dogs

We have a Boston Terrier named Max. He's a fantastic dog, but he's slowing down now that he's almost 11 years old.
I have two blue-merle shetland sheepdogs, Mina (left) and Milou (right), who are cousins. Mina turns 5 years old in 3 days and Milou turns 2 in October. I love them to bits, they're totally my fur-kids.

I have a two and a half year-old American pitbull terrier who is just a big O baby and as friendly as can be around people his name is Charlie :D
I have a 10 year old brindle boxer named Holli. We got her from a rescue group about 5 years ago and she had been within 2 hours of being put down - she had been picked up on the streets of Miami. She had kennel cough and pneumonia when we got her, and was about 15 pounds underweight - you could see her ribs and I could put my entire fist into the hollow area in her chest. Within 5 months of having her with us she had aced obedience school and had earned her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification! She's a fantastic dog and has never met a person she didn't want to lick to death! :D
We have my wife's 55lb 5yr old Bugg (Boston terrier/pug mix) Otis who was a rescue from a family who didn't socialize him at all. Now he's a social butterfly (overstuffed butterfly but still lol). My Boston Rascal, my pug Bella. Then we were just given a pair of AKC English bulldogs & a pair of registered French bulldogs (both with pregnent females) by a friend of my wife's who's moving for work & didn't want to stress the pregnant females by moving across the country.
i have a sweet little chihuhua.she is 14mo old and 2lbs.sweet little thing that loves everyone she meets.doesnt bark much, listen very well..
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yes! this is our rescued pitbull...macie. she's the most friendly dog i have ever owned.


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We have a miniature pincer and a cockapoo. The min pin (Minnie) is a killer of all things smaller than her (for real she is a serious hunter) and the cockapoo (Caramella) is the smartest dog on the planet.

Awww everybody's dogs are so cute!!!!

I have an amazing 3 year old english mastiff named "Ruckus"


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Just took a pic of my Lithia. Shes a 75/25 Wolf hybrid. Shes also loyal and deadly protective of her pack


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