Anyone going to San Diego IRBA?

There's a show in June that I'll be vending at in San Diego that I expect to be a big show... It's a first time show, but the promoter knows what he's doing, and he's snagged up alot of vendors that will no longer do the IRBA shows (myself included). It's June 30-July 1st at the Scottish Rite Center in SD.
Well, lots of chameleons at the show but I came home with a Dendrobates auratus :) Of note was a huge 19 month old breeder Ambilobe panther that Liddy Kammer brought. I had an 18 inch panther that would've been absolutely dwarfed by this guy so I'm thinking he was at least 21-22 inches and gorgeous! Also of note, at my *erhmm* favorite vendor, were two giant adult melleri inside an 18"x12"x12" cage :mad: Oh well....
Sorry, I didn't think to take my camera. Also, I thought I would remember the name when I got home but now I'm not sure after seeing all the pics of her breeders and the Amazing Blue Reptiles animals too. I remember the name was hyphenated :) I'm wanting to say it was Kely-akondro, "Little Banana."
Went there today. It's a pretty good show, most of the species that you can find in the reptile stores are the same that is there. Waiting for the International show in September that's in Anaheim. Still worth going to San Diego to get the basics.
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