Anybody used Twisters?


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Has anybody bought a worm advertised as "Monty's Twisters" in the Reptile magazine. Looks like a common earthworm but thicker and shorter.
Has anybody used it on their Chameleons and what where the results?

They are blue bottle fly larva. Other people on this forum recommend not to feed magots to chameleons. I am not sure if it was in referance to a certain type or if it was in reference to their chemical contents. I would image that they would be very fatty. I have never tried them nor have I gotten definative proof as to why not. I could not really say for sure.
I have used Twisters only for Fishing bait, not cham food. It would be interesting to call the company and see how they are raised, and on what food. The problem I for see with these is the dye that is used in their food to make them the diffrent colors. A little research into them would help.

When I first saw them advertised I was curious. Tried to email and to find website. I don't think this guy is in business even though his ads still show up in mag.. Also, take a look at the chameleon in his advertisement - would YOU buy anything from this guy?
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