Any tips on keeping crickets quiet?


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Normally Murdoch eats everything I put in there. Well I guess one hid under a plant and is chirping like crazy. And I can't catch him now with the bigger cage.

How can I shut this guy up?
I have a nice wide spread on my shotgun. Another 20 minutes I might resort to that. Theyre never this loud. I guess the cricket keeper really muffles the sound.
LOL! At least it's not in your bed @ 3am. Yes, keep chams long enough and it will happen.:p

Yeah as much as my girl likes my cham. I think a cricket in bed might put an end to it. Although her dog sleeps with us. So why not my crickets.
There's no real way to do it... If it's a male cricket, it will chirp all night long. The way I do it... is find him and kill him
When I cant handle the chirping in the cricket container, I just tap it. That usually shuts them up for a few minutes. It might be hard to get to him in the cage though without waking your cham..
Use only sub-adult crickets. Buy them from the pet store every other day in small batches so they never become noisy adults.

Also, switch to other less noisy insects like dubia roaches, silkworms, etc.
I buy 3/4" and by the time they start chirping, most have been fed off. When they begin to chirp, their natural lifespan is about 2 weeks or so. Only 13 more nights to go! :D
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