Any tips for cup feeding?

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  1. marcsman16

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    Hey guys
    My chams doesn't seem to like cup feed, and I can't free range the crickets because my cage isn't cricket proof.
    I also hand feed them but sometimes they like it and sometimes they don't.
    What do you suggest?
    I'm getting a little anxious... :eek:
  2. What types of cups have you tried?in my exp glasses don’t work that well I use a large taco bell cup works great poke holes in the bottom for drainage and use a thumb tack to pin it up below his basking spot
  3. marcsman16

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    And how do you cut it?
  4. marcsman16

    marcsman16 Member

    Like a soda cup?
  5. Yes the soda cup How old is your chameleon it should be able to grab food without cutting the cup the large keeps the crickets in and allows him to exercise his tougnge muscle
  6. marcsman16

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    I have two panther chams
  7. You do not need to cut the cup.don’t have much exp with panthers how old are they?
  8. marcsman16

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    They are 5 months old but they look younger. Here's a pic:
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  9. Maybe you should go with a medium cup to make sure it doesn’t fall in pin the cup to the middle of the enclosure under the basking light so it can see them.are they in the same enclosure?and you should switch to linear uvb better for Viv’s and chams
  10. marcsman16

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    No they are in different cages
  11. Brodybreaux25

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    If your Cham doesn’t like to cup feed I’m not sure how a soda cup will help you...

    Check out the “feeder cups” from This one contains the feeders and gives them something to climb up on. I find that chams react better to this set up because they feel like they are hunting, not just eating from the bottom of a cup. Seeing them climbing up and down will trigger his hunting response.

    Below is a pick of my viv with a few young veilds in it. The cup on the left side is held up by magnets, it’s deep enough that the crickets can’t jump out. If you look closely you can see that I have a vine hanging halfway down the inside of the cup but never touches the bottom or sides. This allows the chams to get within range but doesn’t give the crickets something to climb out of the cup with. D19CBF72-4E0B-4EA9-8DE7-A8C25FA9D549.jpeg 64724A10-1DC1-4222-BA2D-6A274309E79F.png
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    Do the full throttle feeders camo feeders that @Brodybreaux25 reccomended. They are the best hands down. Or make one yourself but these are made well and my Cham eats out of it everyday.
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