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    I love evillost new free range and Im very interested in that one. However Im also finding others... I think evillost puts alot more into his cages. But for a very reasonable someone else sent me a video and hes been chatting with me. Its a colaspable cage he makes any kind of cage custom you want but thought this was different probably more for snakes etc. But he also builds reptile cages chameleon etc reasonable. I forgot to ad that in the bottom of cage is drain under java wood tree.. it drains into bucket in cabinent. There is also a supply bucket with heater in it to the misting system. The canopy is extra high to contain deep dome if you use it. The total size of cage is 72 x 36 x 24. The cage is 43x24x36. Its also has a different better quality screen with larger spaces.. my mellers does not seem to catch his feet at all.

    see this link

    I bought my chameleon cage from him and very happy .. he works very hard at what he does.

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    Nice looking cage you have there!..... You can see my new cage if you search my Threads at my profile page. Ditch that Moss mat now!:eek: Thats the Exo Terra stuff rite?...... I was trying that in my new cage and had to pull a big hunk of it out of my chams butt!!!! Dave
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    lol yes it is not good when you pull on it .. its comes apart. Im looking into another kind. My mellers never goes and also never eats near bottom so im fine for now. I feed him out of a dish and he only stays upper have of cage.

    I got it first because I sprayed it with biosheild and its awesome stuff keeps mold bacteria free for at least 90 days. I have to have cage misted for at least 30 min a day. The water does not go threw matt and drains to middle to a drain underneath java tree.

    So do you have any ideas on a type of replacement matt?
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    Not really..... I am back to useing paper towels. I dont mist as much as you though. I have a panther. As long as no feeders go down there...... you may be able to get away with it,,,,, or put screen over it. I got your PM's:) Dave
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    Thx rodielin :)

    For a simple drainage system to avoid paper towels and all that, I use a laundry drainage tray. I fill it with a small layer of LECA/hydroton so that the water layer is always below the top (incase the chameleon falls into/onto it). You can drill a drainage hole anywhere to go to bucket below.

    If your chameleon is prone to ingesting particles, you might have to experiment with using large stones instead of LECA.

    I put planters on top of this drainage tray though so my setup is a little different from yours, but it beats changing out paper towels or newspaper all the time

    This is what I mean: drain tray&storeId=10051

    The only catch is that it comes in 30"x32"....but I'm sure with some searching other comparable type drain trays can be found.

    EDIT: I have found PVC sheeting in large 8'x4' sheets online, but I can't seem to find any local stores to get this without paying absurd shipping prices.... >.<

    see here: for example

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