any ideas on attaching somes vines to wooden viv??


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does any one have any ideas on how i can attach some bendy vines to the inside of a wooden vivarium?
I use phone cable connectors, the half circles with a nail. I also have attached trellis to the side of the tank.
great guys thanks for the ideas.i went and brought some of this today Trellis_CAT2.jpg
so i will attach the vines to this.thanks for the idea simon1986
i will put it up on 3 sides of the will also give him more climbing space too.
here is alfies new viv 1297118137-75399900.jpg
its 4ft tall by 2ft deep by 2ft wide

i have brought it online for a great price including stand for £139.99.its arriving tomorrow.personally the reptibreeze hasnt worked for me due to where i a wooden viv is the only way.
its arriving tomorrow.i will take the top off and mesh comes with a shelf so i can section the bottom half of the viv i will do this till alfies a bit bigger as hes still little.i will drill holes in the shelf and pop a container in the bottom half of the viv for drainage.
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