any do a DIY foam background in their enclosures?


Yeah man, I built a 2x2x4 for my cham and I am always looking to upgrade something. I feel like we think alike lol. I don't use fake plants. And I've seen builds like yours and I'm amazed, I want to try something like that for my spare room. I'm in the process of building another 2x2x4 for my other cham. Hopefully it comes out perfect. Gotta set up my mistking too. Do you use regular 2x4's for your frames? Or do you use cedar wood to protect it from build up mold?
Mine is definitely not up to the standard of all of these, but I did use a good chunk of foam, mainly for plants. I only used the foam in the middle section where the plants sit, and the rest is still just the screen.

To keep some of the weight of the plants and sticks off of screen I attached strips of wood to the outside and pvc on the inside. the foam is sitting on the pvc mostly but is also supported by the screen.

While the foam was still wet I pushed a plastic potting bowl thing into the foam, as well as some of the sticks. And then once it dried I drilled holes into the plastic bowl and the then through the foam to allow the plants to drain.

I am going to pick up a little 3 month old male panther tomorrow!

Just yesterday I added the live plants and tested out the mister.

Hanging heat lamp and grow light. in the photos is a T8 fixture but a T5 fixture 5.0 HO is coming in the mail today!


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Hi, I'm abit over the extreme side of everything ( just to warn you lol) I've built all my enclosures. Both in and outdoors. Absolutely love making them, if you have any questions I can try to assist you with answers. I'll attach a few pics of some different ones.
oh. my. gosh. we're dealing with an expert, I think we need them more than they need us😳, those are some AMAZING enclosures, I'm very impressed. especially because when I built my own I could not see a vision nearly as dope as that one. hats off!
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