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they tried to colonize in fry's cage today. Luckily I caught them before hand. We had an emergency cage deconstruction and killed those bastards with water lol. I'm so thankful I saw them before night came. Who knows what they could have done to Fry :(

This all started with a dead cricket. Next thing I know there is larva in my pothos.

Is there anything safe that can go in a cage to repel ants? I found the initial colony outside the back window near the cage and gave those guys a holocaust, but I'd like to make sure they don't come back. Any suggestions? (besides no more dead crickets)

Here's a site I used when I was having a bit of an ant problem myself:

Vinegar works really well (if you can get over the strong odor), I tend to dilute it enough so that the smell isn't as potent but it still has a relatively strong effect, just be sure not to add to much water or the solution will be to weak. Apple cider vinegar works well and has a slightly better smell IMHO, but regardless no matter what kind of vingar you use the smell isn't the most pleasant. I guess you could rub it along the bottom of the cage to detract them from climbing. But it'd be best to rub it on around the outside area around your cage.

Black pepper works decently as well, just sprinkle it in and/or around the areas you want left alone.

When implementing these I'd suggest using them in the area surounding your cage I't be much safer, You dont want you cham getting sick from consuming a feeder that rolled around in what you choose to use or get sick from inhaling the fumes and/or powders by accident.

See what works best for you but always be extra cautious when testing things out
I've heard of people putting a each leg of the stand or table in a tub that is placed into another tub with water and soap... the inner tub keeps the leg dry and the outter rub holds the water.
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