Ants in umbrella plant


I seen a few tips on how to get rid of ants in cage but I wanted to know what might’ve triggered the ants to come in? Specifically on my umbrella tree plant!

I’ve had my Cham for almost a year and have never had an ant issue. When I looked in his cage today I was so surprised how so many were basically swarming the one plant.
I took EVERYTHING out and drowned as many ants as I could. I did find a couple carrot pieces in there so I’m thinking the very tiny pieces attracted them? I clean out his cage once a week and I check on him daily.

When I seen him this morning there were no ants. :(

I just placed a drive up target order for the Terro baits as others suggested.

Would love any additional input/tips! Thank you!


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Most likely aphids or similar that secrete the sugary honey dew. Ants will actually protect them so they can harvest it from them.


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I had an ant infestation in my enclosures from hibiscus. I placed the Terro drops on the little cardboard pieces outside the enclosures and within one day, no more ants.
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