another question about wax worms....


Sooo... I made a huge mistake...
first of all... my native langague is spanish (Im from Mexico)
So.. I was making some insect orders through the telephone...
I was trying to make my feeder list larger (I already have dubias, crickets, isopods, supers, mealworms and lobsters)
So.. I wanted some silk worms... and I ordered them..
I was surprised when they arrived, that they where actually wax worms... -_-
The thing is that in spanish wax worms are called "gusano de cera" and silk worms are calle "gusano de seda" ... and they are both pronounced the same way... so I guess they didnt get what I was actually ordering ...
I know you guys dont really like wax worms... but, how bad are they?
Should I just throw them all away?, or should I use some? ... if so... how many can I use?
thanks a lot once more!!
btw... I have a 1.3 years old male veiled ...
I feem em every now and then to my veiled. He will ussualy have 2 or 3 a week. Hes not a big fan. I wouldnt throw em away try giving him 2 or 3 nd see hes reaction. If he likes em or not
You can use a couple each week as a treat for your guy, but you don't really want to do more than that - think of them like candy. However, you could try to breed them, and feed off the moths which are lower in fat and because they fly are a great enrichment feeder. Check sandrachameleon's blogs - I think she's got the method for breeding them. It's pretty easy and a way to use up worms that you would otherwise throw away.
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