Ankaramy keepers

I'm getting a new panther! An 18 month old ankaramy from chameleons northwest! :)
Any other ankaramy keepers out there? I want to scoop all the extra info that I can on them. :)

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I dont keep Anks but I had to say you picked up a good looking boy. I saw hose pics of him. I'd love to see him fired up. All those dark pink/red dots are amazing on him. Good score, and Sandy and Elliott are good people to buy from...


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We picked up an Ank a couple of weeks ago and he came in on Friday. I agree with Tex I saw the picks of yours a couple of days ago and was thinking of getting him as well. Good looking Cham, congrats!


I have 2 babies. I love both, they are very friendly and are just the cutest chams. I am not sure about the exact age, never got a straight answer from the seller. I believe the male Tim is about 5-6 months old, he is very small, about the size of a 3-month-old. I've had him for almost 3 months. He came with an unrelated female, but she died a week after arrival:(. The replacement female Olivia is about 3-4 months old, also VERY tiny. She arrived a month ago. I have read the Ankaramy's are usually smaller than other panthers? I love the one you got from ChameleonNW, he is beautiful!:)


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BALROG, is my pink panther.i got him about a year was awile before he begain to eat for me, though he was wc.he has not gotten much bigger.he is a awsome cham and i plan on getting a female for him soon.:D
Thanks for all the replies guys!

I saw the ad for him and instantly knew I wanted him. Lol and at such a good price! I even called him about 20 minutes after the ad was put up at a quarter till 1! Luckily I didn't wake anyone up! They were very helpful and truly seem passionate about there animals:)
I'm looking forward to getting him. They've told me he's a real mellow Cham, so I can't wait! Will post pics as soon as I get him!

I was also on thinking if I find a good female I might get him one for later. Who knows. I've never experienced breeding panthers, but have read up on it.
I'm not going to lie, it's something I would love to do! Especially with such a beautiful locale :)

Nevermind. I just got some horrible news so I will be having to rehome some of my reptiles instead of getting more :/
Keeping this guy
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I was looking at him as well. His colors made me think instantly of Ohio State. Could have been the mascot chameleon.

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Oh ok. I totally understand. You ought to grow up in Texas. Everyones a UT fan or an A&M fan. Im a UH grad and fan so Im way outnumbered and can relate.;)
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