Andy Portraits by Tabitha (Twitchet)

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  1. jannb

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    Andy 2.JPG Andy.JPG

    Tabitha (Twitchet) here on the forums painted two of the most beautiful portraits of my little Andy that passed away of cancer back in April. Tabitha is the most gifted artist. Her work is absolutely gorgeous. You can check out some of her other beauties on Esty, TheJollyChameleon.

    Thank you so much Tabitha. These pieces will be treasured forever.

    Some photos that Tabitha made above and a few my husband made not in the best lighting below.

    Photos my husband made.



    Hanging in our home.


  2. Andee

    Andee Chameleon Enthusiast

    I am so glad you got portraits done of him. I have several animals I will need to get done when I decide on pics etc that I will use. He definitely deserves the immortality of this.
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  3. Twitchet

    Twitchet Chameleon Enthusiast

    Hi Jann,
    Thank you so much for your very kind comments, it was an absolute pleasure to paint Andy, I know how special he and all your chameleons are so it was an honour.
    It's wonderful to see them actually hanging in your home too,
    Many thanks and best wishes
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  4. d3s5

    d3s5 Avid Member

    Jann, they are all beautiful. What a deserving tribute to sweet Andy.

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  5. AZChamFan

    AZChamFan Avid Member

    They are truly gorgeous!!! Such a nice tribute. I have the pleasure of also owning one of Tabitha's paintings, and will be aquiring more in the future!
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  6. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Thank you Amber! Andy was taken way to soon and sadly missed.

    You are welcome for the comments. They were well deserved. The pictures really don't do the paintings justice.

    Thank you Deb. Andy was such a precious little boy.
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  7. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Thank you for the nice compliment. Feel free to post your painting here so we can all see your beautiful portrait.
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  8. AZChamFan

    AZChamFan Avid Member

    Well, there's one little detail I left out. It's a painting of a beetle!:D I would however absolutely love to have a cham painting from Tabitha one day as well! If you want me to post the beetle painting I sure will. It's amazing and I actually have two more on order!:)
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  9. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Sure, post the beetle. I'd love to see it.
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  10. AZChamFan

    AZChamFan Avid Member

    Ok here's the beetle painting! It may not be an especially bright or multi colored species like many of the beetles Tabitha paints, but it is an exceedingly rare specimen from Ecuador. I collect beetles and I used to have this specimen but sold it. Later I regretted selling it and so this painting has extra special meaning to me - not only is it an astounding work of art but at the same time it's almost like having my rare irreplaceable specimen back in greater glory than ever before! I just cannot say enough about how amazed I am with her work! Thank you again Tabitha!

    Promocropoides bertrandi Painting reduced.jpg
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  11. Andee

    Andee Chameleon Enthusiast

    Omg <3 such beautiful work as usual Tabitha <3... What beetle is that AZ?
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  12. AZChamFan

    AZChamFan Avid Member

    It's Promacropoides bertrandi from Ecuador. In 20 years of collecting specimens, it was the only one I was ever able to purchase! Only a small handful exist in collections as far as I know.
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  13. Andee

    Andee Chameleon Enthusiast

    Are they still... like alive (can't currently look up the species) to see if they aren't extinct or red listed etc?
  14. AZChamFan

    AZChamFan Avid Member

    I am not 100% positive on any of this because information is so difficult to find on them, but I don't believe they are extinct or red listed. From what I understand it is just such a remote and inaccessible place where they live that they are almost never collected. Even where they live, they are probably not common. Mine actually went to a museum in Canada, and even they had been searching many many years for a specimen!
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  15. Rapunzel's Pascal

    Rapunzel's Pascal Avid Member

    Absolutely stunning work. Love it.
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  16. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast are a fantastic artist!
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  17. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    I agree Lynda!

    Thanks again everyone for the nice comments and thank you AZchamfamily for sharing your beetle painting with us. It's gorgeous!
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  18. Classy

    Classy Member

    Woah! Those are beautiful paintings! Tabitha is so talented <3
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  19. Miss Lily

    Miss Lily Chameleon Enthusiast

    Wow! Those paintings are amazing! They look like photographs!
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  20. Twitchet

    Twitchet Chameleon Enthusiast

    Thank you everyone your very kind comments, they are very much appreciated :)

    Thank you @AZChamFan I'm so pleased you liked the beetle, it means a great deal to me too:)

    Thank you so much @jannb
    it was a pleasure and honour to study and observe little Andy so closely and I'm delighted you are so happy with the paintings(y)
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