Andapa fresh shed/sleeping pics


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This is all I could snap before I woke him up. He is very alert and hasn't quite settled in just yet, but his colors are just stunning especially when hes fired up or sleeping. I woke him up and he instantly turned green but he is bright yellow. Sorry the quality isnt great he is very hard to capture because he doesnt like me much :eek: and I wish he got that tail section taken care of today but hopefully tomorrow! LOL
He's so handsome! I really like pic 1 and 3 ..even with the screen blocking in the first one..

Thanks! Yea I like that first one to I knew once I started to open the cage he would turn green so I wanted to capture the yellow as best I could. I think a new camera is in my future...
I have the same mission.. a new and faster camera. ;)

He's beautiful! And seeing pics of him has me on the look out for my own Andapa, or at least, a baby Sambava from Tiki Tiki Reptiles :)
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