An interesting side result of going to the Vet....


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I thought some of you may find this funny.

I took one of my chams to the vet this morning for some precautionary issues. Al is well, but when I leave the vet and check out with the techs at the front desk, they like to see the Chams and take Pics.

No prob, my way of sharing them with people.

SO I get home about 20 minutes later and my wife says, "Come here and look at this"!! There on her Facebook page is the pic of me at the Vet showing the Cham to the tech!!

Loks like the tech took the pic, shred on her FB, and it went around a few other friends and hit my wife by the time I got home!!

To all I say Beware!! Be Careful where you go and what you do, you never know when you will end up on the Spouses FB page!! LOL

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