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Babies are growing like weeds from Clint/Zanzibar so please PM me if you'd like a baby of his!! Hatched 2-2.5 months ago- largest of the clutch ship out next week!


The Sire and most friendly chameleon I've owned so far, Zanzibar orginated from Red Island and has some of the most amazing colors of any Ambilobe that I've seen.

The Dam is daughter to "14K" from Chameleons101. Dam's Dam is "Oh My" from Kammer's. Please look up pics for these awesome chams- I do not have permission to post them. I think you'll like the genetics in these guys;)




Males are $225 + shipping, females $180 + shipping. PM me with zip code and I can reply with total. Discounts given for multiples.

These are just a few of the many gorgeous pics I have of this guy. Search for Clint or Zanzibar to find lots! Most of them are linked below...

Go see Zanzibar eat a stick insect!
Red Island's "The Clint Eastwood of Panther Chameleons"
trd's "Tang and Clint"
warpdrive's "The boy's are here" warpdrive now has Zanzibar and will hopefully breed him again.

Many forum members have grandkids of Zanzibar's:
creddjobbs has a grandson.
trd1215's "Young blue/reds"

Hope you enjoyed looking!
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I have several females that are bigger than most of the others in the clutch.

These girls are $150 + shipping for those that PM me first.
These girls are getting big! Females only for sale, all males are sold.

Price drop to $180 including shipping to anywhere in the US!

Live arrival guarantee and 30 day health guarantee. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1376334687.807432.jpg

Photo taken 8/11/13
Holdback 6 mo Ambilobe- Let Pics Do The Talking

accidental reply to another thread!


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