Ambilobe.. take a look!


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He is a pure Ambilobe as far as I know. I know the breeders and they are very well known for their pure ambilobe bloodlines. The only reason I post this is because when I recently showed a picture of him to a local reptile store owner as sire, and he said.. Oh that looks like a cross. wtf! I am wondering from some very experienced Ambilobe owners/breeders why he would say such a thing. Does this guy not know his stuff about ambilobes or does my male show characteristics of a cross between two locales? This is him fired up when he is not so happy or hanging out in UV he has a darker green that takes up only the upper half of him but a lot of orange still shows through. Most of the time he looks like this, especially when active.

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I'm not an expert, but I've seen photos of orange ambilobes. They're not very common, but not unique either. Yours is very beautiful, I believe people think that if cham is beautiful and have uncommon coloration, he must be a cross.


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thank you very much! Yeah the breeder kept telling me.. get him get him he's very different! that is exactly what I thought; because they are not common a hater will quickly jump to hating.


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Those colors remind me of my favorite album :)

Although I don't know the answer to your question, and I think someone already answered it, your cham is really beautiful!

(Although I am biased towards the cham simply due to the fact he looks like DOS ;))


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I don't think he looks like a cross at all. The breeder who told you that was probably jealous you had an ambi that looked better than his, lol. I have seen a WC that looked pretty much the same before. He looks very close to my Punkin's sire, Yamz. He came from my buddy Andrew at Lonestar Chameleons. He was no cross for sure.


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Man he is gorgeous. I kind of look at it like my dog, we bought her as a full blood Cocker Spaniel and she ended up being half Cocker half Havanese but that does not affect how much we love her. People seem to put way to much emphasis on whether or not they are full blooded Ambilobe. If someone ends up buying babies from yours its because they love the way the Sire looks.


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Thank you very much guys. Wanted to see what all the cham lovers out there had to say. I also believe he was jealous, either that or my other thought was he does not know much about panther's seeing as how he only sells ambilobes, ambanjas, and sambavas and he doesn't know an orange ambilobe exists.
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