Ambilobe female from Amazing bloodlines

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I have a 4 month old Ambilobe female available from amazing bloodlines. She is selling for $225 shipped or no shipping for local pick up:

Her sire is Franklin Jr. from Curt @ Epic Chameleons. Franklin Sr. came from Kaboom @ Screameleons. The dam is from Candycane of Chameleon paradise and Bonaroo from the Chameleon Company. She literally just shed on Friday afternoon. This is your chance to acquire a female with excellent potential. Don't snooze or you may lose out!


Here is Franklin Jr. the sire:


Here is Franklin Jr's. Sire from Screameleons:


Here is the Dam's Sire:


Images or bloodlines are thanks to Curt, Bruce, and Vincent.
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She is still available! I have a few local people interested. Email or pm me. You can email me at [email protected]. I will even do $175 shipped. However, that is as low as I will go. This girl comes from excellent bloodlines and her offspring will be nothing short of amazing!
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