US Amazing YBBB Ambilobe Panther Chameleons Available - Shipping within USA from Fresno, CA

I have only a few chameleons left from this amazing pairing, they hatched on 8/7/22 and are growing fast. Females are $300 and males at $375 in addition to shipping costs. These are spectacular bloodlines, with the sire Kublai being from iPardalis's Zanaka x Sunny pairing and the dam Luna from Chromatic Chameleon's Kromatisk x Shirley (Shirley being from Kammerflage's Silk x Fantara). It does not get much better than this!

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Trolls are people who come onto a sales post and talk about how they're going to buy something inferior in an attempt to get you to drop your price when you're already charging only 60% of the animal's value. Matt's done an amazing job on this pairing, and he could charge much more for them.

The age of the account is less about being new and more about being fake or being put up to it with incentives. I have seen a ton of these pro-egg posts from randos who just drop off the map only to re-manifest in a few weeks with a new fake profile. The lack of a known identity is what makes it suspicious to me. It happens all the time on many different social media platforms - same pattern.


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Naw i was more or less looking for an egg tbh but ended up picking up a 6.5month savbana up instead😅 was in a toss up on what i was wanting to home in my extra cage
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