Ambanja go time


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getting nice breeder blue bar ambanja from chameloman72 . for my 14 in female that 1 and half years old . she wasnt showing color to mate Intel this spring now she all salmon colored and got sister that just as big but she seem to hate males when i show her to her brother . cant wait his coming on tuesday . jeremy Elder
hope all goes well with the breeding , gotta love the ambanjas. Is blue barred the same thing as this 'blue diamond' coloring some people mention?
Ambanjas Are the biggest and most colorful of all panther . with my exp there where way better breeders . the grand dad to my female was 22in alittle lager and nice oranges I've never seen. my favorite panthers buy far . can't wait to get some good new blood into the country . thanks jeremy Elder
Well, tomorrow is the big day!! Let me know what you think of him!! You can let everyone here know as well!! He will make an AWESOME breeder!!
I wise I could just breed with him . but the drive from portland OR to FL would take a couple mintues . so just bought him . he looks great in the pics . like real ambanja should . none of that nosy be stuff . these will be some nice looking babys with my females and his male . need some help with nameing him . have couple chams that need names . but these ambanja need a good name . thanks jeremy Elder
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