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This is my first chameleon ever, first reptile ever actually. Is it normal to be worried 24/7 about my little critter? Or possibly normal for a first time owner? Its all I really think about at work is if she is ok or if she’s sick or something. Maybe I read these forums too much about peoples sick chams, I dunno. Lately she has not been feeding as much; I noticed the change after I setup her cage to be free range. I will put 5 crickets in her large feeding cup and she use to eat them all right away. Now she wont even eat any, she will only eat them if they are running around in her cage, and only 1-2 before and after work.

I recently switched to silkworms exclusively, and she will eat as many as I feed her, endlessly. I think I fed her 6 the first day I got em, and im sure she would have eaten more if I kept going. Was she just tired of crickets and needed a break? As far as watering goes.. I don’t THINK she is dehydrated, The first picture is her this weekend, and the second one is the day i got her (she was peeling). Before I converted the cage, she would drink nonstop, and she even got spoiled during my mistings (I would use both the dripper and sprayer to emulate more rain) – I would turn the dropper to full, where it was a solid stream, and she would forget about it even hitting the plant, and just open her mouth right under it… for a good 5-6 mins.

I don’t think anything is really “wrong” with her, im almost wondering if she is pregnant? I recently moved from a house to a studio. The house was great because I could leave her in her cage in the yard outside, perched up and in the sun. Now that I moved, I cant leave her outside as I don’t have a yard.. so I bought a 150w UVB basking lamp from the pet store. She sits under that thing all day long, and when she does she turns darker colors, is that good? When I turn it off and leave regular light on, she will walk back to her plant and turn a bright green. Her belly is getting bigger recently, yet she is eating less. When I purchased her from the pet store, they had her housed with about 3 other females and 4-5 males. This was about 1.5-2 months ago. Since Jackson’s don’t lay eggs, how do you know if they are pregnant? She’s not pacing around the bottom of the cage, but overall I think she is less active overall.

The only time I handle her is when I feed her silkworms. I will put 1 hand in the cage, and the other hand a worm. She will walk onto my hand every time right away and go for the worm. I love hand feeding her because I think it instills trust into her that I am good and not to be afraid of me. I try to avoid peeking into her cage too much but sometimes I just start worrying and I check up on her.

Im not sure if I am caring for her properly. I am trying my best, but since I am a first time owner, maybe its not enough? Here is the info to help with any questions. Am I taking good enough care for her? I just want to stop worrying so much!

Thanks guys!

Cage Info:
Cage Type – Wire Parrot Cage, lined with soft mesh for free range cricket feeding (home project) Not 100% sure off the top of my head on the size, I think its about 30x16x16
Lighting – 150w UVB 5-6 hrs a day
Temperature – My studio is kept at about 74 when im home, basking spot is around 85-90 (I don’t have a dig gauge yet) around 78 at night when we both are sleeping.
Humidity – Not sure my levels. During the day I leave windows open and I live in Hawaii, so it’s the same as outdoor.
Plants – Yes, hrm cant remember the name, but it starts with a P. I looked it up when I bought it and didn’t find it to be a hazard to chameleons. She loves it and hides in it instead of the fake plants.
Location – In my studio bathroom. I am the only one that walks by it - cage elevated to about eyelevel.

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon – Female Jackson. Age unknown, younger tho.
Feeding – crickets gutloaded with apples and lettuce. She use to eat 3-4 in the morning and 3-4 when I would get home from work at 5. Recently she hasn’t been cup feeding at all, and only 2-3 crickets a DAY. I have switched to silkworms and she eats the hell outta em.
Supplements – Dusting crickets with calcium each feeding, and multi vitamin once a week.
Watering – 3x mistings a day, mid day @5 lasts about 30 mins, other mistings are to get everything wet before I leave to work. Dripper for when im away at work? I do not see her drink everytime, but I try not to get in her face either
Fecal Description – Yellowish white urine? Solid brown-black feces. It has not changed since I got her.


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most of what you posted seems good the only thing that i would not do is supplemnt like you are. Jacksons are a montain chameleon and dont handle supplements well. I suggest cutting back to calcium every 2 weeks and multivits once a month. there is also a supplement i would recomend to replace what you have (not that its bad this stuff is just designed for montain chamleons specifacally)


this supplement can be used frequently without the side effects of the commonly availiable ones.

good luck im sure others will have there own ideas about supplementing thats just what i do with mine everyone is different.

she looks great in the first pic,
CammieNLeno...if she was with males, then she is likely gravid (pregnant). You should know because she will become quite fat by the time she is ready to have the babies. They have one or two clutches of babies per year...gestation is about 6 months.

You might be interested in these sites...

Brandy...can you tell me what "Montane Chameleon Shade Dust" has in the way of vitamin A, calcium, D3 and phosphorous please? Any other information about it would be appreciated too.
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