Am I doing it right?


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I plan on getting a chameleon and already have my cage setup. This is what is in my cage:
Lighting+Temp- I use a cylinder UVB and a 75 watt basking light, basking temp is about 88 and the bottom is 75
Humidity- I plan to spray 3 times a day and keep it at 50-80%
Decal- I have 3 alive plants, pothos, ficus, and a small bonsai tree. I also use 2 medium flukers bend-a-branch
Basking- I have a basking vine that is about 10 inches from the basking bulb
Substrate- I plan on using no substrate
Cage- Large Reptibreeze, 18x18x36 inches
Food- Pinhead crickets, and calcium, vitamins etc.
Am I ready for a chameleon? Thanks!
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Thanks for the help!
No problem :) The setup looks good, I would suggest adding some fake leafy vines around the top so he has hiding spots. Your cham may not like going up to bask if he doesn't feel safe.
Cody, right? :) welcome to the hobby :D

Your setup looks nice and I admire the fact that you have posted it here before actually getting your first chameleon. With a start like this I have no doubts you're gonna be able to provide a very good home for some lucky guy/girl ;)

One month old is a bit too young, especially for a first time owner. Three month would be better, because they're more stable at that age. Also pet shops are often known for providing poor care and sometimes even selling sick animals, unfortunately.

It says in your profile that you live in Florida. If so, you might want to consider buying your first cham from one of the site-sponsors or having a look at the classifieds section - this way you are sure to get a healthy cham that has been properly cared for from its first days :)

Whatever you decide - stick to the forums and don't hesitate to ask questions if in doubt, I am sure it will all work out great for you ;)

All the best,
Thanks everybody for the help! Words cant explain how happy I am with this feed back! I hope to get a veiled, I did look into online buying but i just hate how they are shipped in boxes!
Yea I hate that too but that's how they all get shipped. They ship then to my pet store like that as well. Best of luck to you!
We were the same way about ordering online. I just didnt like the fact that my very expensive lizard was going to be delivered in a box. We researched for about 6 months and had our cage completely set up before buying one. We ended up driving 2 hours to go pick ours up, but it was awesome because we could make sure he was healthy before bringing him home. Lots of people order online. It just wasn't the way to go for me.
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