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I would like more options for my chameleon to climb on, All I have so far are 2 bend a vines. I dont have access to branches and the pet stores near me are lacking, are there any alternatives out there?


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Most rope molds, it's not sturdy enough to hold up a chameleon as comfortably as rigid objects, and they can get their nails stuck/ripped out in the material of the rope. I wouldn't recommend that.

Surely you have access to trees? Just collect branches outside and use those. Or order some online


Go to a beach or riverside for a day and get some driftwoods :) Or drive around and see if there are people trimming their garden or trees. I got mine from the beach and also just the side of the road right after the trees were being trimmed ! Good luck :)


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I would stay away from the bend a vines if possible. The exo terra ones crumble the coating off. Also with fake they pose a risk to damaging the eyes when the cham rubs on them. :(

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I just find branches outside, my rule is if I can’t break them, she can’t. Just make sure you clean them and fasten them well.
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