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hey lizard nuts, my name is EMiglio im a jackson chameleon who lives in kihei hawaii! my owner just built me a great cage out of nice wood and plastic chickenwire. i love to climb all over it! ive been getting along well with my new owners they have had me for 2 and a half weeks now and i think they really like me! they keep me well fed, and spray water a few times a day for me to lick. my cage is outside so i get lots of fresh air and sunshine, and i get to hang out with all the birds, cats, and other wild lizards in the neighborhood. its great to find a nice community like this to talk with other lizards online! together we can accomplish anything. green is the way to go.
Cute. Except that none of the other members I've chatted with on here are lizards...

And as for hanging out with "all the birds, cats, and other wild lizards in the neighborhood", I'm pretty sure that's the last thing your cham would want. They can get very stressed out by the presence of other animals around their cage, particularly birds (who are their natural predators).
I'm not saying it's a bad idea to keep the cage outside (I wish I could do that more with my cham), but just make sure all the other animals can't get to it.

Anyway, welcome to the community. I look forward to seeing pics of your cham.
dont worry

im safe in my big nice cage..and i love listening to the birds sing! how much sun should i be getting? i need to work on my tan.
Hawaii is just the right enviroment year round. Humidity, temperature and elevations in most cases. I to have never had a reptile talk back. That is except when they hiss and of course you have not tried to bite me so that is a double bonus.
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yeah our kind live in the wild up at elevation in an area called olinda. i used to live up there but someone caught me and sold me to a pet store! now i live close to sea level on the drier side, but im enjoying the enironment! i get sprayed several times a day, and im in the shade for all but the late evening sun. its nice!
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